The Painting & Wallpapering Expert has been in the painting business for over 30 years.

The Expert: Pasquale

Operations Manager:



We are an experienced (that means older :) husband/wife team.


We have used our experience and hard work to create and manage this company, which has grown to have a solid reputation with homeowners, landlords, business owners and contractors that customers can genuinely rely on. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses; our strengths complement the others weaknesses.


Pasquale: I started my painting training right out of high school and have never looked back.  I always had a knack for fixing things and enjoyed working with tools and didn’t mind heights. Over the years I worked side by side with other trades people and I learned many "tricks of the trade" that I could use throughout my life. Today, I run my own business. I have extensive experience, an eye for detail, can cut straight lines (even with my left hand :) expertise in installing wallpaper, flooring, tiling, plumbing, basic electrical, dry walling, taping and trim work. My personal passion is art. I wondered for a long time how I could incorporate my art into my business. Quite a few years ago I was asked to create a cartoon mural in a child’s room with the use of airbrush techniques. That’s when we decided to add this service to our business. We have been creating murals on children’s bedroom walls and nursery’s ever since.



Franca: I was unhappy at my job for quite some time. One day I had finally had enough and decided it was time to rethink my future. I took a deep breath, looked at my situation from every angle and reached a conclusion: Change it now or never!  So, I finally listened to my husband and decided to start to manage his growing painting business. Together with my husband, we took on new projects and added more services for our customers. My strengths lie in outstanding customer service and support, business development along with good organizational skills. Good customer service is more than just a friendly smile and an offer of help. It is about taking the extra step and making the extra effort. It is about bringing customers back.



Pasquale: My wife has the ability to resolve what could be difficult situations It’s hard to explain how she does it, but she just has this way of getting to the root of  issues and resolving it effortlessly.  Her number one aim is to exceed customer satisfaction, which she achieves through sheer dedication.



Franca: We couldn't have done it without each others support and efforts in making it a success, because when it comes down to partnering, first thing's first - find someone you trust and has your back through it all!